Thomas, Dominic, Jack, and Kevin enjoy a relaxing evening.

Thomas Yau invited us all to his home for a lovely dinner cooked by his very kind mother.  We were instantly welcomed by Thomas at the MTR station and then continued on our way to a stunning apartment complex.  We walked in to see an elegant fountain, a tempting swimming pool, and the most beautiful view of the mountains that I have seen so far in Hong Kong.

We sat down for dinner and the food just kept on coming.  We started with Chinese meatballs and the best dumplings we’ve had since being here.  Thomas kept translating what his mom was saying and she kept telling us that there was still more on its way. She wasn’t lying. She soon brought out spring rolls and sweet and sour fish.  Everything was delicious!  Then we had a sort of Chinese burrito.  I’m not sure exactly what you would call it.  First, you put some sugared seaweed on top of a pancake.  Then you add a delicious mixture of tofu, chicken, vegetables, and more.  Then you add sweet peanuts and chili sauce.   Finally, you roll it all together and enjoy!  Some of us, I won’t mention any names, had a tough time keeping their food together.  Our stomachs were packed at this point, but Thomas’ mom said that dessert was on its way.  Who doesn’t have room for dessert? 

Dessert consisted of sweet dumpling soup with flowers and fruit.  We have had this soup before, but this version was tastier. Thomas told us that it is a Chinese tradition to make sure that your guests do not leave hungry.  Our stomachs were definitely satisfied.  After dinner, we had Oolong tea, which Thomas said is good for digestion.  It was a nice change to have dinner at a home.  We all miss that.

Then, Thomas took us around Mong Kok, which is a happening place.  It reminds me a lot of NYC, with all of its flashy lights, packed sidewalks, and street performers.  It was a perfect way to end a perfect evening! 

On another note, today is Dom’s birthday; so make sure to wish him a very happy one!